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Bending over Backwards – Stay Safe in Your Yoga Practice

by Rachel Krentzman, PT, E-RYT Backbends are an integral part of any Yoga practice. The intention for backbends is to open the chest and rib cage in preparation for pranayama (breathwork). For some, backbends are exhilarating and freeing while for … Continue reading

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Top 3 Yoga Poses for Wrist Pain

How many hours do you spend typing in front of a computer screen? If you’re like many Americans, you’re spending a significant amount of time every day with your fingers on a keyboard. Over time, repetitive movements like typing or … Continue reading

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Slow Down to Be Present

“You’re missing out on LIFE!” the woman next to me sharply stated as I finished typing a text message into my phone. We were standing at La Jolla Cove where I went for my morning walk before class.  It was … Continue reading

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Top 10 Yoga Myths – Part One

Here’s a list of our favorite yoga myths. Do you ever hear these “reasons” not to do yoga from your friends? Let us know in the comments! 10. MYTH: You have to be flexible to practice yoga. FACT: Over time, … Continue reading

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Minding the Mind: Week 5 of Yoga Teacher Training

Wabi-Sabi One of the highlights of our anatomy training is when we learned about the spine. We looked at each others’ spines standing erect and folded forward. One of the physical therapists teaching us anatomy spotted a student who had … Continue reading

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From Paralysis to Handstand: How Yoga Saved My Life

By: Kim Ogburn Not so long ago, I was a half marathon runner, big wave surfer and mountain hiker. At my day job, I supervised large, one-of-a-kind home construction projects. My work placed extraordinary physical demands on my body. But … Continue reading

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Student Perspective: Gary Leivers

Stepping Through the Door  I had been aware of Yoga One’s studio for six years before I stepped through the door for the first time. My office looked down onto the small businesses along 7th Avenue, but not until losing a fight with a very heavy … Continue reading

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