Infinite Possibility & Community Represented in 20 Years of Health History Forms

by Michael Caldwell

Many, many years ago, I was in a writing group and presented a poem which described the challenges and possibilities of beginning a new story, poem or article. Here it is: The enormity of the 8.5″ x 11” page. That was also its title.

Since 2002, Yoga One has collected a healthy history/waiver form from each student who attended class via an 8.5″ x 11” piece of paper. 

We asked for standard information, name, address, email, phone number, etc. The waiver portion represented to us far more than data – it symbolized a commitment to a unique individual who was joining our community and entrusting us to help them enhance their well-being. 

Students now complete an online health history / waiver form. So we decided to recycle the old paper forms. I took them from the file cabinets and had a nice time leafing through the stacks, looking at names, and enjoying memories.

A single piece of paper weighs 4.5 grams (more or less depending on stock quality).

We had 180 pounds. 

180 pounds equals 81,646.6 grams. That equals about 18,143.6889 students we were lucky to have in our community, sharing the joys and benefits of yoga. 

Thank you all for the honor and opportunity!

I wonder, how many kilobytes is an online health history / waiver form?

Michael Caldwell

Michael Caldwell
Contributing Writer

Yoga teacher and Co-Founder of Yoga One, Michael has been practicing yoga and incorporating its philosophy into his life since 1997. His kind and gentle manner is well suited to leading students of all levels. Michael has published numerous articles on a variety of subjects including yoga, meditation and rock n roll.

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Yoga One featured in San Diego Business Journal

For 20 years, Yoga One has been the site where thousands of people, from beginners to
experienced practitioners, have learned about asana and vinyasa, perfecting moves like downward dog, sun salutation and other poses.

The Caldwells began their business in earnest in 2002 in a second-story spot in downtown San Diego, opening the practice to meet a growing demand of students attending outdoor classes in Balboa Park taught by Amy Caldwell starting in 2000.

you can find the full feature here

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Yoga One Teachers: Paola Perez Soto

Get to know Paola who teaches a Level 2/3 Vinyasa Flow on Saturdays at 10:30am. Visit to register for classes.

Q: How does yoga show up in your life right now?

Yoga shows up a lot right now in my school classroom while dealing with the students and trying to teach them some yoga philosophy that can help them through life.

Q: Where are you experiencing growth in your life?

Currently, I am experiencing growth career wise since |just obtained my credential as a Spanish teacher and will have my first classroom this year. Wepa!

Q: What’s your favorite burrito?

Vegan mar y tierra (surf n turf) burrito from Ranchos Cocina

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Amy Caldwell on Transitions and Finding a Home Base

Q: Can you tell us a time when yoga supported you through a transition?

Amy: I was recently speaking with a friend about the popularity of the game of tag. She thinks in addition to the thrill of being chased, part of what kids love and appreciate is that there is a home base built in.

This week I’ve been thinking about how our yoga practice serves that same purpose – a home base where we can reconnect, reflect and restore. Transitions for me are often challenging, and this year there have been many!! Including but not limited to our oldest daughter leaving for college, our younger son starting high school, aging and general post-pandemic life.

My yoga practice, and also teaching yoga, are refuges. When I’m feeling untethered, I often begin my practice lying on the floor. After connecting to a sense of grounded-ness and support, breath, movements and a feeling being at home often arise.

P.S. You might note that within the practice itself, poses like savasana, seated centering, balasana, tadasana and adho mukha svanasana serve as additional familiar mini-home bases (:

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Yoga One Teachers: Nazli Takesh

Cozy up to this Fall edition of Yoga One teacher interviews all about transitions, tips for staying centered, and their ideal Fall mornings… Get to know Nazli who teaches a Vinyasa Flow, Levels 1 & 2 class on Sundays at 10:30am.

Visit to register for classes.

Q: What’s your ideal cozy Fall morning?

Nazli: Give me a cold and rainy day and this is my set-up: my cozy couch, fireplace on, a cup of cacao, a wonderful book, and my journal. I’ll probably throw on a face mask too and feel extra luxurious as I read and relax. Hopefully someone is serving me food because I am not getting up from this! ◡̈.

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Yoga One Teachers: Lori Miller

Cozy up to this Fall edition of Yoga One teacher interviews all about transitions, tips for staying centered, and their ideal Fall mornings… Get to know Lori who teaches a Vinyasa Flow, Levels 1 & 2 class on Mondays at 5:30pm.

Visit to register for classes.

Q: Can you tell us a time yoga supported you through a transition?

Lori: Just recently, my son moved out of our home and into the dorms at UCSD. My husband and I are now empty-nesters. This was a very exciting, stressful and emotional time for all of us. 

Our son was stepping into independence, and my husband and I found ourselves in a delicate place of wanting to help and wanting to give him space. 

Getting on my mat and moving with my breath kept me centered and grounded throughout this whole process. I set my intentions and guided myself through the process of letting go.   

When big feelings came up or during a stressful moment, taking slow, deep, conscious breaths brought me back to that place of centered presence. I’m so grateful for my yoga practice!

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Yoga One Teachers: Nazli Takesh

Get to know Nazli who teaches a Vinyasa Flow, Levels 1 & 2 class on Sundays at 10:30am. Nazli is an experienced teacher with a light-hearted approach to yoga.

Visit to register for classes.

Q: How does yoga show up in your life right now?

At this point in life, yoga is a way of being. It’s a deep breath when life gets weird, it’s a trust that life is moving along as it should, and it’s an array of tools when things are overwhelming and I need help or guidance, and an added bonus when everything is going my way ◡̈.

Q: Where are you experiencing growth in your life?

Where am I not?! Haha … seriously though… one piece is that I am evolving my career and work and am growing into a sense of firm confidence and a clear vision of what is sustainable for my future and goals. TBD what that looks like!

Q: What’s your favorite burrito?

I’m a simple bean and cheese gal —  with too much hot sauce!

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Yoga One Teachers: Bri Hamlet

Get to know Bri who teaches a Vinyasa Flow, Level 2 class on Wednesdays at 5:30pm. Bri is a phenomenal teacher and an incredible human being we’re happy to have on our team! 

Visit to register for classes.

Q: How does yoga show up in your life right now?

Yoga shows up in my life right now particularly through the Niyamas (self-observances). If you’re into astrology, you might be familiar with the term ‘Saturn Return.’ I’m about 2/3 through my first one and let me tell you – a LOT of personal change is happening! Remembering the Niyamas keeps me grounded. I love this new sense of awareness, even if the path there is bumpy.

Q: Where are you experiencing growth in your life?

I am growing emotionally and spiritually right now. Over the course of the last year I committed a lot of time to practices (i.e. therapy, meditation) that support my healing. Although no one is ever fully healed, I am so grateful to have cultivated a deeper sense of self-love, admiration, and compassion. I think it also increases my capacity to give as a teacher.

Q: What’s your favorite burrito?

A veggie burrito! Extra beans, two types of salsa, sour cream, and guac please!

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Yoga One Teachers: Nicole Heller

Help us wish Nicole Heller the very best! Her last class will be July 19th at 6:30am. Thank you, Nicole, for sharing your gifts and your light with Yoga One!!

Visit to register for classes.

1. How does yoga show up in your life right now?

I find my way onto my mat each and every morning. Yoga keeps me grounded, sane, and I always feel more like myself after practicing.

Yoga serves as a reminder that my body is truly the only home I live in. It is my choice how well I tend to it. Our bodies are designed to move. I love that yoga allows me to play with shapes that are bold, creative, peaceful, and so much more.

I truly believe that yoga is for everyone and every body.

2. Where are you experiencing growth in your life?

Lately, my motto has been “say yes.” I tend to be an over planner, and while it serves me well in many facets, it also keeps me from enjoying sweet, spontaneous moments of life.

My growth has been to recognize moments of resistance in my mind and to redirect my thoughts. I plan less. I say yes. I work on keeping an open perspective.

3. What’s your favorite burrito?

Ohhh this is a tough one!! I’d have to say a Breakfast Hash Veggie Burrito. My go-to spot is Sunnies- you gotta try their orange spicy sauce!

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It Started with a Blog: Laura McCorry

Flashback from founders Amy and Michael Caldwell Assistant Office Manager Laura McCorry on how she joined Yoga One to nurture a family-owned business and a thriving yoga community.

You probably don’t know me. I practiced with Yoga One last week, but the last time I set foot in the studio was in 2014, at the old Downtown location. I have never been to Mission Hills, yet I see it and think about it, literallyevery day.

Let’s rewind.

In 2010, I moved to San Diego with my spouse. Ready for a change of career and a fresh start, I enrolled in a yoga teacher training program. Yoga had always been there for me – through the tumultuous final years of high school, to the liberation of college life, and the isolation of being a young military spouse.

I finished my 200 hour training in 2011 and threw myself into the San Diego yoga market. If there was a renowned teacher, I would go to their class. I worked out trade agreements with three different studios in exchange for classes and exposure, hoping one of them would hire me to teach.

Then a friend told me about Yoga One. She said it was a great studio, highly respected, and that the owners were the real deal.

On their website at the time, after all the teacher bios, there was a line – “do you want to see yourself here? We’re always looking for authentic and experienced instructors.”

I had been practicing yoga for seven years, in four different states with countless teachers. But I had only been teaching for six months and I wasn’t getting the experience I needed to truly grow as a teacher. Imposter syndrome reared its discouraging head.

A few weeks later, I got a round robin interview with Amy Caldwell. I was elated when I got their email response – “we think your teaching style and Yoga One are a good match.”

I started subbing for Yoga One. I proposed a trade in exchange for classes, but instead of front desk work or cleaning, I wanted something more in line with my skill set. I offered to write a blog for Yoga One and Michael enthusiastically endorsed the project. Eventually, I got a regular class on the schedule, then I started teaching corporate classes for Yoga One.

For years, Amy and Michael had run a tight ship, keeping expenses low while trying to reach as many people as possible. It wasn’t just a business, they truly wanted to see more people thrive through the practice of yoga, just like they had.

But the time had come for the business to grow. By August of 2012, our smart, savvy, uber-friendly office manager Missy had more work than she could handle alone. I joined the tiny staff of Yoga One as assistant office manager, working in the retrofitted dumbwaiter shaft turned office, affectionately called the Nook.

It was everything I had ever wanted. I was doing meaningful, paid work, and with people that I truly admired.

Then in the spring of 2014, I moved away from San Diego. I lost my classes, my students, my administrative position, and worst of all, I lost working alongside my friends. It was the closest thing to a career I had ever experienced, and it was all gone.

All except the blog. Yoga One Blog became my thread of connection to the vibrant community Amy, Michael, and Missy were building. I checked in with Michael once a month or so, mostly over email. It was a shadow of what I once had, but it was real. And it lasted.

Fast forward to January, 2020. Michael called and asked if I’d like to return to the Yoga One staff, working remotely to facilitate opening the Mission Hills location. I had barely begun when March 2020 upended the whole world with the spread of Covid-19. Already familiar with the Zoom platform, I suggested Yoga One use their video chat to broadcast yoga classes to students at home. We transitioned the entire schedule to virtual classes in just two days.

These days, my role at Yoga One is mostly behind the scenes. I manage the blog, our social media schedule, and the On-Demand video library. Like a sous-chef, I do a lot of prepping to lighten the load for Amy, Michael, and Missy. Not only do I enjoy my work, I love working alongside these amazing humans I’ve been blessed to call friends for over a decade.

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