Beyond the Mat: Karen Beers

How do yoga teachers feel about their practice? What inspires them to keep teaching and keep practicing yoga? Get to know your Yoga One teachers outside the studio and off the mat. This month’s interview is with Karen Beers.

1. Why do you practice yoga? 

Yoga helps me reset and reenergize. Each time I step onto the mat, I access an internal sense of self through simple breath focusing techniques. The practice of yoga quiets the chatter of the mind, softens emotions, and encourages present moment awareness. I am able to reconnect with myself, peeling back layers of stress until I feel grounded, refreshed and balanced within.

2. What was the most intimidating aspect of teaching when you first started?

Being an educator, I’m quite comfortable instructing a class. However teaching in a classroom is vastly different from teaching yoga. When I first became a yoga instructor, reaching students of all ability levels was the most intimidating aspect. It takes a lot of preparation to ensure that all students are guided well. By providing options and modification of postures, I ensure that all students can have a rewarding experience.

3. What gives you the most joy as a yoga instructor? 

Providing space for community and connection brings me great joy as a yoga instructor. So much of our days are spent focused on individual tasks, it’s very important that we take time to acknowledge each person with whom we share the yoga experience. This connection with others promotes a more relaxed state of present moment awareness. The end result then can be a collective sense of calm and tranquility that brings a smile to everyone’s faces.

4. If yoga were a food, car, smell, planet, song, artist, flavor, it would be…

“In a Sentimental Mood” by Duke Ellington & John Coltrane: This song is the essence of positive energy. It has a slow, smooth introduction, progressing into a layered melody that transports you on your own personal journey. It’s filled with incredible talent, improvisation, and inspiration.

5. What’s your yoga inspiration?  

Besides yoga philosophy and principles, master yoga instructors are my inspiration. I’m enamored of people who have practiced and devoted themselves to sharing the gifts of yoga, including Tao Porchon-Lynch, Kia Miller, Jason Crandell, and Shiva Rea.  Each of these individuals have their own specialization and depth of understanding that they impart through their teaching. Yoga has so much knowledge to share.

6. What classes do you teach at Yoga One? 

I teach Level 1-2 Flow, Sundays at 10:30am.

You can find our full class schedule here. Om!

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