Yoga One features The Original Yogis

Julie Moore is one of five sisters, but she’s #1 in our book because she happens to be Yoga One’s very first student! We are so grateful for her friendship over the years and we couldn’t imagine the Yoga One Family without her.

Reflection by Julie Moore

I first met Amy Caldwell at the Center for Moving Arts. It was the year 2000, or perhaps 2001, and my very first yoga class. I was drawn to Amy’s down-to-earth style of teaching and found her voice very relaxing. Ever since that class, I’ve followed Amy wherever she taught including condominium recreational rooms, nightclubs under construction, dance studios, and outdoors in Balboa Park.

When I first started yoga, I couldn’t even touch my toes. During a class at the torn-apart nightclub, I remember enthusiastically showing Michael that I could clasp my hands behind my back in cow face pose – a major accomplishment!

Amy and Michael opened Yoga One in 2002, initially sub-letting the back room of a gym on seventh avenue in downtown San Diego. Over the years, I’ve happily participated in many of their events such as couples yoga, drum circles, 108 Sun Salutations, chocolate & yoga, wine & yoga, and anniversary celebrations. One of my favorite yoga classes was prenatal yoga led by Arati Lane, which started the year I was pregnant with my first child.

Over the past 17 years, I’ve practiced yoga at different studios with many different instructors, but I always find the most comfort back at Yoga One and with Amy Caldwell, the teacher with whom my yoga journey began.

Michael asked me once what I liked best about Yoga One. For me, one of the studio’s greatest strengths is how the teachers provide an open, secure, safe, comfortable yoga space. Even though I’m very inflexible and can still barely touch my toes, because of Amy I have stuck with yoga all these years and will continue to practice the rest of my life. I thank Amy, Michael, and the other Yoga One yogis for that!

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