Meet Your Massage Therapist: Emily Gaspar

Massage therapy is proven to improve circulation, decrease chronic pain and generally help you feel like a million bucks! Catch up with Yoga One Wellness Team Member, Emily Gaspar and schedule your massage today.

Emily Gaspar1. Why did you decide to become a massage therapist?

In 2007 I moved out west with the intention of studying massage therapy in Hawaii. What a great excuse to live on a tropical island, I thought! I landed in Portland, Oregon and fell in in love with the city. There was an open house one day at East West College of the Healing Arts and I was so impressed by their program that I decided to stay in Portland and pursue my massage studies there.

I really decided to become a massage therapist because, outside of the normal bumps and bruises, I personally know the joy of living a pain-free life. The tools of massage education have enabled me to go forth and help others, which is an invaluable experience.

2. What benefits have you or your clients received from regular massage therapy?

It is always amazing to see the transformation in my clients before and after a massage. So many of us wait too long to get a massage and once we lay down on the table we ask ourselves why we waited this long! It is important not to beat ourselves up about this, but rather to use the time we have set aside to make some positive changes. Regular massage therapy gives our bodies the break they need to heal, restore and move forward with ease and productivity.

3. Do you have a favorite type of massage?

I love Thai Massage. One of my favorite instructors in college, Allison Lurie, specialized in Thai Massage and took groups of students to Thailand each year. She inspired me to take my own journey abroad to study and explore. What a beautiful country! The colors, smells, architecture, culture, people, and the incorporation of massage into every day life really made an impression on me. While traditional Thai Massage (think acupressure and assisted Yoga) is something special and unique, there are so many ways to incorporate Thai Massage into Deep Tissue Massage and other massage modalities.

That brings me to my second favorite type of massage, Deep Tissue. I hope that it is okay to have more than one? I’m not good at picking favorites! Another incredible instructor in college, Jonathan Primack, who drilled Kinesiology (the study of human movement) into all of his students taught me to use movement therapy in my own practice and explore areas on the body outside of the direct area of pain or tension. Everything in the body is connected and often times there are other structures impairing or affecting the area of focus.

4. Something interesting your clients might not know about you is: I ride a Vespa and have been playing alto saxophone for over 20 years!

5. What’s the best advice you give for how to really enjoy a massage?

Take deep breaths. Trust. Allow yourself to relax and let go. Ask questions! Oh, and I am also not noticing your body hair or anything else that might make you feel self conscious. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to love and appreciate your body. Every body is beautiful and deserves a moment of respect.

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  1. Thankyou for sharing Emily! Good luck with your business in Massage Therapy!

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