Yoga Keeps Me Sane: My Post-Baby Practice

guest post by Missy DiDonato

Remember this beautiful prenatal yoga reflection written by Missy back in June? Well her baby, Olive, is now five months old. Missy shares how her practice has evolved yet again after the birth of her daughter!

Missy DiDonatoAsk anyone who has ever been pregnant, lived with someone who was pregnant or even known a pregnant woman and they’ll tell you that nothing goes back to the way it was before. At least not right away. And that’s okay! You just gave birth to a living, breathing, poo-ing bundle of joy – a massively physical undertaking to say the least.

Now that my sweet baby, Olive, is out of the womb my yoga practice has adjusted dramatically. After nine months of letting my stomach relax, I’m able to add more core exercises into my yoga practice and into my classes too (you’re welcome, *wink, wink*). I’m excited to get back to practicing inversions and twists, but my planks are not what they used to be!

I know that strengthening my core muscles will ultimately help me feel so much better in my daily life and prevent the backaches I’ve had both pre and post baby – but I now understand (better than ever before) the fear of hearing, “Now let’s do boat pose.”

Yoga has provided me with invaluable emotional support. I’m still getting used to our new schedule and constantly feel like I’m doing two jobs at once. Everywhere I go, I’m not only doing all the normal things I would have done before, I’m also taking care of her, making sure she’s safe, fed and happy. It’s exhausting!

When I take a yoga class, my body and mind give a big sigh of relief. Yoga allows me to have time dedicated to myself. It’s a time to look inward and evaluate how I’m doing. I find that when I make the time to practice self-care (like going to yoga or just taking a shower) I am more at peace and have more energy.

Missy DiDonatoOne of the things I enjoyed most about being pregnant was having Olive with me during my yoga practice. Now Olive and I get to enjoy a “Baby and Me” yoga class once a week. It’s a great balance between finding poses that give me pleasure and poses that keep her happy. Yoga is a bond we’ve had since she was inside of me and I hope we share yoga forever (or until she’s a teenager and rebels against everything.)

I am lucky enough to be able to bring my baby girl in to the yoga studio when I work in the nook. Olive is so happy to see all the students’  wonderful faces. She lights up when she sees how happy they are to see her. I believe that surrounding my daughter with great souls is one of the best things I can give her. The yoga studio, Yoga One, and all of our wonderful and positive students will be a big reason why Olive knows there are good people in the world and for that I am so very thankful.

– Olive’s Proud Mom

Missy DiDonato

Missy DiDonato
Guest Writer

Missy began practicing yoga at home when she was fourteen, following along to a DVD in her living room. She has since completed two separate 200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings with UCSD and Yoga One. Missy loves helping others find their own yogic path and students of all levels appreciate her warm and friendly teaching style.

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