10 Reasons To Go To Yoga

Those of you who practice yoga regularly can probably think of 50+ reasons why you go to class but it never hurts to have some extra motivation handy. What would you add to this list?

10. You just can’t answer that email from your boss right now. You just can’t. 


9. You get to cross something off your to-do list that makes the rest of your list feel more manageable.

8. You secretly worry what your mat would say about you if it could talk. 

7. You’ll leave the house and see other adult humans. They might even hug you.

6. The yoga DVD you bought is currently serving as a coaster on your coffee table.

5. You had a terrible day and yoga is the light at the end of the tunnel making you feel like it’s all going to be ok.


4. You had an amazing day and you know that post-class bliss will put you over the top in the best way imaginable.

3. Because you promised yourself and those are the most important promises to keep.

2. You believe yoga pants should be worn to yoga class more often than lounging on your couch.

1. Because yoga brings out the more loving and understanding superhero version of you!


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