Top 10 Yoga Myths – Part Two

Ever try convincing your friends to come to yoga only to hear one of these myths? Check out Part One of the list here.

5. MYTH: Yoga is not for men.

FACT: Yoga in the western hemisphere may be dominated by women, but historically, yoga was only practiced by men. Both men and women can benefit from strength-building, flexibility, balance, mindfulness, stress-reduction and all the other benefits of yoga. Take a buddy or go to a class led by a male instructor if you’re feeling hesitant about being the only dude.

Why Men Do Yoga

4. MYTH: Yoga is too expensive.

FACT: Yoga One has many competitive membership and class package options that reduce the price per class. For example, the 10 class package breaks down to $12/class. Compare that to $14 at the movies or $15-20 for lunch downtown. Come to class more often with our unlimited membership and save even more! An investment in your health and wellbeing is never something you should put off for later.

3. MYTH: A $100 mat is better than a $20 mat (a close relative of #4).

FACT: You don’t need expensive equipment or clothes to do yoga – that’s part of its charm! Ask yourself this simple question: do your hands slip in downward facing dog? If the answer is no, chances are your mat is working just fine. The best yoga accessory is the willingness to come to class and give it your best effort.

2. MYTH: A true yogi eats a vegetarian/vegan diet, drinks kombucha, won’t eat processed sugar, etc.

FACT: Practicing yoga will increase your awareness. You become more conscious of how the body and mind interact and react to each other. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself approaching other areas of your life with more mindfulness and compassion. Yoga doesn’t tell you what to do but it might change your mind!

1. MYTH: You must be calm and relaxed all the time because you do yoga.

FACT: Life can be hectic – many people do yoga because it helps them relax. Yoga can help you gain perspective by encouraging you to slow down and pay attention to the present moment. A regular meditation practice has been proven to reduce stress and feelings of anxiety.

BONUS: Watch this awesome instructional video – how to meditate in a minute!

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7 Responses to Top 10 Yoga Myths – Part Two

  1. Frank Richardson says:

    Really like this blogpost. Is it Laura’s last entry before her departure to VA?

    I will use this in my yoga / yoga one evangelism with my friends & aquaintenances. Very nicely done.


  2. I like this post a lot, I think its a shame more men don’t do yoga I’m trying to get more of my male family and friends to try it because the benefits really are for everyone!

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