Happy 2nd Birthday, Yoga One Blog!

happy 2nd birthday, yoga one blogHi there!

Whether it’s your first time visiting our site or your hundredth, thank you. You, our readers, infuse our effort, words and messages we promote each week with greater purpose and meaning. If you haven’t already, please sign up to follow our blog and like us on Facebook.

Yoga One Blog has come such a long way from its humble beginnings back in October of 2011. The original vision for the blog was to provide a place for Yoga One students to receive information about the studio and participate in a wider discussion about yoga and wellness.

We’re expanding our scope this year to include a more diverse and engaging community of yogis and wellness experts, all of whom care about fostering greater happiness and well-being for individuals and the global community.

Here’s a roundup of the biggest changes in the past year:

  • We’ve continued to bring you incredible stories of personal transformation through yoga like Kim’s struggle to overcome a diagnosis of paralysis and Laurie’s inspiring goal of running a marathon in all 50 states!
  • Music + Art has expanded to include instructor playlists so you can recapture that yoga mood at home and bookmark your favorite song. We’re working to update old posts with an embedded Spotify playlist so you can listen right from our page, stay tuned!
  • Massage + Acupuncture is brand new to the site and complements our vision of expanding into all areas of wellness. We’ll feature interviews with therapists and clients, tips on how to get the most out of your experience and more.

Like a real two year old, we’ll experience both growing pains and big growth spurts this next year and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Finally, it wouldn’t be a birthday party without a celebration and presents – we’ll be hosting a Wellness Block Party at Yoga One in San Diego, CA on November 9th at 7pm, please say you’ll come! And for all of our geographically far-flung friends, we’ll be hosting an online giveaway – check back next week for details!

Peace, Love & Light,

Laura and All of Us at Yoga One

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