Magic in Her Fingers: Meet Your Massage Therapist, Fawn Rangel

Fawn Rangel

Yoga One offers a variety of massage modalities to meet your individual needs – as if you needed more incentive to relinquish tension and increase vitality! Let the magic hands (and elbows) of professional massage therapist Fawn Rangel get you back to your best self. But keep an eye on your shoes!


1. Why did you decide to become a massage therapist?

I became a massage therapist because I like to see transformation. People often come in to their session burdened with stress and muscular pain. After the massage, their stress has unraveled, their muscles have unfurled and they have rosy cheeks with a bit of a glow about them. The client leaves feeling better, less weighed down by daily stress and more in tune with his or her true self. I love being a part of that process! I also like that the transformation is simple; it doesn’t require special equipment or fancy gadgets, just my hands, an elbow here or there, and a little nurturing attention

2. What benefits have you or your clients received from regular massage therapy?

The benefits of massage are vast. Most clients report a significant reduction of stress and pain, increased energy, improved range of motion (especially in the neck and hips), and improved quality of sleep. Some clients say they leave a session feeling taller and more structurally aligned. Others have experienced less sinus congestion and fewer headaches.

3. Do you have a favorite type of massage? 

Personally, I really like to receive Thai Massage. It’s very grounding because you’re on a mat so you’re closer to the earth. It implements a soothing rocking sensation and gently stretches the body. When I give massage, I like to mix modalities. I primarily use circulatory massage with a little acupressure, deep tissue, TuiNa (Chinese medical massage), and table stretching.

4. Something interesting your clients might not know about you is:

I went to acupuncture school and am in the process of getting licensed. I also am crafty and like to make jewelry and paint on shoes.

5. What’s the best advice you give for how to really enjoy a massage?

I think it’s important to allow yourself a little down time after a massage. Some rush right back to work or even workout after a session, and that can really halt the benefits of massage.

Communication with your therapist is also vital. Don’t be shy! Feel free to tell your therapist the areas of your body you want them to focus on before the session starts. Let your therapist know when you want him/her to apply more or less pressure.

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