The Joy of Restorative Yoga

Check out this awesome review of Missy’s Friday afternoon Restorative Yoga class at 4:30pm! Click here to read Jessica’s full review or scroll down for an excerpt. 

Fit For Life

My restorative yoga experience was led by Missy, a kind teacher with a calming voice who was so attentive from the moment I walked in the room, helping me first to gather the many props that I would need to really make the most of my practice. On the list for the class- two yoga blocks, one yoga strap, one rolled up yoga mat (in addition to my mat that I brought) and six blankets. With the sound of calming ocean waves playing in the background, Missy provided great instruction through the hour and 15 minute experience, and also helped everyone to get comfortably settled into each pose to truly surrender and let go as we spent anywhere from 10-15 minutes releasing into each pose.

The “rest” you experience in a restorative yoga class is true relaxation—it’s where the body becomes still, the mind becomes quiet and in the effortless ease of each pose you truly begin to rejuvenate from the inside out.

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