Get Outside and Do Yoga!

Yoga at the Sheraton

Did you know we now have not one, but two amazing classes held outdoors every week? For more information and to see our full schedule, go here.

10am Saturday poolside at the Sheraton on Harbor Island

9am Sunday at the Porto Vista Hotel rooftop in Little Italy

Yoga in all its varied forms and styles is so beneficial for overall wellness in body, mind and spirit. Practicing yoga outside with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair has some extra benefits you may not have considered:

  • Remember how your mother always said fresh air and sunshine was good for you? Well she’s right: exposure to a limited amount of sunshine each day improves production of vitamin D (which helps ward off disease), elevates your mood and can even improve concentration. Just be sure to wear sunscreen for prolonged exposure like an hour-long yoga class!
  • It’s way cooler to practice tree pose in front of an actual tree. We’ve seen you on vacation standing in front of a redwood in tree pose – it’s practically irresistible. Plus, science has found that trees emit vibrational frequencies that help decrease stress and improve creativity. Seriously! Om with me now, ooommmmmmmm
  • While many people bring plants into their homes or offices to improve air quality, it’s important to completely immerse yourself in the natural world. Walk barefoot in the park, gaze out over the bay, listen to the sound of the ocean, join us for yoga this weekend! When we take the time to let all five senses enjoy the experience of being in nature, the entire body is rejuvenated.kahlil gibran
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3 Responses to Get Outside and Do Yoga!

  1. Penny says:

    The Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina is on HARBOR Island, not Shelter Island.

  2. Moon Choo says:

    If you are interested in Asian-inspired health & fitness tips, please check out Ying & Yang Living:

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