Reflections on Yoga Teacher Training from the Class of 2013

Our Yoga One Teacher Training Graduates of 2013 are already leading students and sharing the joys and benefits of yoga with others! Congratulations again yogis and thank you for your great energy! Here is Part 2 of their post-training reflections. Click here to read Part 1

Diana Beardsley YTTWhat excites you the most about teaching yoga to others?
Do you have any fears? If yes, how do you move beyond them?
If you don’t plan on teaching, how did YTT deepen your personal practice?


I love seeing the light turn on behind my students’ eyes when they tune in to themselves or realize their true inner strength. I do have fears; the fear of not knowing enough mainly. I face the fear by trusting in myself and pushing the edges of my comfort zone consciously, just like in yoga. I’d like to teach communities that can’t afford yoga and aren’t as exposed to yoga but could benefit greatly from it. YTT has deepened my own practice externally and internally in powerful ways. My practice will never be the same again, and that’s a good thing.


I don’t plan to teach but I will continue to attend several classes a week at Yoga One. The teacher training has been so comprehensive in its scope from philosophy to anatomy and the business of yoga, too. I especially appreciate the detail that Diana and Amy gave to every pose, the alignment and their benefits. I’ll have a much more thorough approach in my own practice when I’m led by any of the great Yoga One instructors. I’m also more confident with partner practice after all of our experience throughout the training!


It’s amazing how much of what I’ve learned so far about alignment, yoga philosophy – the balance of opposites, mindfulness and being present in the moment – has infused my daily life and has already changed how I feel and how I handle challenging situations. It is as if yoga is everywhere! I feel so blessed to have such inspiring and amazing teachers: Diana, Amy, Michael and Rachel and Wren. You can feel that they are teaching from a place of truth, inspiration, integrity, love and grace. All of us teacher trainees form this kind and supportive community that fosters the emergence of wonderful future yoga teachers; each with special gifts to share. I am so grateful to be part of this experience.


I’m most excited about the people I’ll get to meet through teaching yoga! I’ve already met so many fantastic people just being at Yoga One for two months and I know there’s a whole wide world of amazing people out there already practicing yoga or wanting to begin! If I can bring even half of the love, kindness and support to my teaching as Amy and Michael and the teachers at Yoga One have shown me through their teaching, then I’ll be doing something right!

When I started teacher training my biggest fear was that I wasn’t flexible enough to be a yoga instructor and that I couldn’t twist myself into a pretzel. As it turns out, flexibility is only a part of the yoga practice and can be increased with time and dedication. The most valuable lesson I learned throughout the training was that nobody’s practice looks the same and that everyone’s bodies are constructed in different ways. Over the course of the these 8 weeks, my fears have been replaced with the knowledge of proper alignment, linking my breath to movement and listening to what my body needs.

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