Reflections on Yoga Teacher Training from the Class of 2013

It’s the end of our 2013 Yoga One Teacher Training course and we’re so proud of our new graduates! They not only have the technical knowledge to begin their next journey teaching but also the mental and emotional strength and awareness needed. YTT Class of 2013Teacher training is such a vast experience, filled with learning and growth both on the mat and off. We wanted to honor this place of newfound knowledge and their first eager steps of teaching others by checking in with our recent grads for their thoughts on the following questions:

What excites you the most about teaching yoga to others?
Do you have any fears? If yes, how do you move beyond them?
If you don’t plan on teaching, how did YTT deepen your personal practice?


What excites me most about teaching yoga is the opportunity to take something so amazing, weave myself into it, and then take this wonderful combination of wisdom, love, and openness and show others how they can make it something they love as well. It will never just be me teaching because there is always something to be learned, and I love learning!

I am plenty scared that I’m not good enough or prepared enough or that I’m going to put myself out there and fail. But what always stays with me is the quote, “shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars.” That has never been more true or more applicable. 


Do I have fears? Absolutely! What if I forget what pose comes next in my sequence? What if my students don’t like me? What if I can’t demonstrate a pose? What if nobody shows up? Or worse, what if a pregnant woman shows up? Ah!  The list of “what ifs” goes on and on. The best way for me to overcome these fears is to breathe, practice, be present in the now, not what could happen in the future, and enjoy the ride. Enjoy the ride of guiding yogis through a beautiful, safe practice. Everything else will follow.


I’m not still sure if I will teach, there is so much information to learn and to feel confident about. If I decide to teach, it excites me to be the channel for others to find their inner strength, happiness, and peace. I would like to help others in their transformational path to balance, freedom and awareness.

Of course I have fears, but I diminish them by moving into the “fear'” itself. Not letting my mind over-think the “fear” so it doesn’t get bigger and stronger with my own thinking of an unreal result. It is much easier to conquer the fear than to live with it, you just need to take that first step and move into it.

My personal practice has benefited greatly with the training. Not just with my practice on the mat being conscious and aware of my movements, breath, alignment and how differently I was doing things; but with my yoga practice off the mat as well by taking all the good to my daily life (just being, breathing, being aware, balanced, patient, tolerant, healing… so many things). This journey has helped me conquer areas of myself that I was afraid of, healed my emotions, and allowed me to know myself better, to accept myself and to be a better person. There is so much room for being a better person, and this training is just the beginning. I see things in a different way, in a better way.

This will be a two-part series, check back next week to hear more from our amazing graduates.

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