Yoga Playlist from Amy Freeman

You’ve been there before – it’s the middle of class and an awesome song starts playing, you try to make a mental note to ask about the song title or artist after class but the bliss of savasana wipes your short term memory clean. So we decided to share our instructors’ playlists on the blog – Ta Da! problem solved. You’re welcome. ūüôā

Alexi MurdochAmy writes: I absolutely love this playlist, I’ve been refining it for about a year! “Orange Sky” has been on there the whole time and is one of my favorites.¬†Snatam Kaur and Wah! never fail to soothe my soul, I love playing them during cooling poses or savasana.¬†Mixing in modern music is fun and unexpected and I often play just the instrumental versions, like with “HeyHo” and “Dust in the Wind.” And The¬†Lumineers’ songs are great to instantly lighten the mood, especially if we’re working on a challenge pose, or holding pigeon going on 4 minutes!!

Om – Soulfood
Orange Sky РAlexi Murdoch
Shree Ram – Wah!
Hari Om Shiva Om – Deva Premal
Dust in the Wind РFred Benedetti & Peter Pupping
Stubborn Love РThe Lumineers
Flowers in Your Hair РThe Lumineers
You Can’t Always Get What You Want¬†– The Rolling Stones
Ho Hey РPiano Tribute Players
Origami Crane – Trevor Hall
Hey World РMichael Franti & Spearhead
For Your Love РChristophe Goze
Mahamrtyunjaya Mantra – Reema Datta
Sita Ram – Krishna Das
In My Life [Album Version] – Sony Wonder
By Thy Grace – Snatam Kaur
Akwaba РTya

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