Partner Yoga: Good for Friendship and Romance

boyfriend infographic

Partner yoga with your significant other or a friend is so rewarding because you get to co-create the experience. (Why taking a cooking class does more to enhance relationships than watching a movie.) Sharing the joys and benefits of yoga with someone else is fun and fosters deeper bonds. Practicing with a spouse or romantic interest adds an additional sensual element to the mental and physical sensations encountered in a regular yoga practice. Plutonic friends equally prosper in a partner practice – imagine having an instructor spend the entire class giving hands-on adjustments just for you!

Use partner yoga to get in touch with your partner or reconnect with a good friend! Through a guided practice, you will learn how to help each other go deeper into alignment and assist each other with hands on adjustments and props.

heartIt’s not too late to register for Arati’s Valentine’s Partner Workshop this Saturday, February 16th from 6:30-8:30pm, go here now to register.

Live music from Coral McIntire, candlelight and chocolate will complete this luxurious experience! $35 per couple in advance, $45 at the door. No experience (or flexibility) required!

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