Healthy Holiday Recipe!

from the Caldwell family’s kitchen


3 heaping servings of Yoga per week, season according to your favorite level and style

1-2 bushels of Outdoor Activity Spice – walking, running, surfing, hiking, swimming, or team sports would all be delicious

1 full day of Rest – check your local studio for restorative yoga, but you can substitute any type of meditation or bubble bath at home

Plenty of whole foods each day, choose seasonal and organic when possible

Liberally sprinkle with unlimited portions of Peace and Quiet Reflection


Mix together until easily formed. Add in more Peace if contents become sticky and unwieldy. Share with loved ones and friends. Serve with bountiful amounts of Hugs and Quality Time. Cook up a fresh batch each week.

Enjoy the happiness that comes with a healthy mind and body and be well this holiday season!

Amy and Michael Caldwell

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2 Responses to Healthy Holiday Recipe!

  1. Kim Ogburn says:

    The Caldwell Kitchen recipe is delicious and non-fattening, I’ll go back for seconds! I find it very sweet in a loving way. With this recipe as my foundation I won’t have to think much about New Years Resolutions!

  2. yogaoneblog says:

    Thanks Kim! It’s always a pleasure to see you around the studio!

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