Happy Ten Year Anniversary, Yoga One!

As any nine year old will tell you, turning double digits is a pretty big deal! This year marks Yoga One’s 10 year anniversary and we are so grateful to all of our students, instructors and everyone who has helped make Yoga One into what it is today. THANK YOU for supporting us! Please join us for a complimentary yoga class this Sunday at 9am on the rooftop of the Porto Vista Hotel. After class there will be a short awards ceremony for the summer challenge winners followed by brunch at The Glass Door downstairs. Check out our event page on facebook or go to our website for more information about our regularly scheduled 9am rooftop class. We look forward to celebrating with you!

In the early 2000’s, Yoga One was nothing more than a dream shared by Amy and Michael Caldwell. They followed their common interest in healthy eating to a passion for healthy living and along the way established a community of like-minded yogis to share in Yoga One’s ever-growing outreach to help others live happier and healthier lives. Keep reading for an inside look from co-founders Michael and Amy at how Yoga One came to be and where it’s headed in the next ten years!

What sparked the leap from being a student of yoga into being a business owner?

We got into yoga über-organically, initially from making a dietary change. We became vegetarians then vegans and were reading Fit For Life by Harvey and Marilyn Bergman. At the time, we were living in Stanthorpe, Australia, picking apples to make extra money for back packing around the world. The book suggested we do yoga and there were 5 super simple poses listed. After picking apples for ten hours a day, ten days at a time, a few stretches felt phenomenal and that was how we started practicing yoga. But in retrospect, we had already begun our practice by becoming conscious of our diet and lifestyle; asana was just a further physical manifestation.

Once you turn on to something you often see it all around you. As we traveled from country to country, we found yoga “instructors” who expanded our knowledge and appreciation of the practice. We say “instructors” because we doubt many of them would have considered themselves teachers – they were practitioners who knew more than we did and joyfully shared their passion with us. By the time we got to India, we knew yoga was something we wanted to embrace more fully and we began an earnest practice, study and discipline.

When we moved to San Diego, Amy started offering donation classes in the park and around town. She built up a following and the rest, as they say, is history.

What excites you the most about watching Yoga One grow throughout the years?

We’ve often said that Yoga One is the eldest of our three children. There is no separation between Yoga One and our family or between Amy and Michael as spouse and business partner. When Yoga One needs our love and attention, we respond accordingly. There are times we wish we could separate and compartmentalize the “business” and our life but it doesn’t really happen and we’ve kind of made a tentative peace with that reality. In the end, we’re doing something we love so why would we want to separate it? It is who we are.

Time and time again we come back to the wonderful people that are part and parcel of the Yoga One family. Yoga One exists because of the amazing students that share their practice at the studio, period. If the students weren’t wonderful people we would have gotten into another field a long time ago. We have and continue to make dear friends. Though we don’t know everyone equally well, we do know that the students who are attracted to Yoga One are the kind of people we want to be with and that’s a great feeling!

What’s next? Dedicated, charismatic people like the two of you always look ahead for the next step – where do you see Yoga One 10 years from now?

We have so many projects in the works and we’re excited to see Yoga One grow even more! We’re working on a new website to seamlessly connect everything Yoga One under one virtual roof: studio and offsite classes, massage therapy, workshops, our retail store and more. Our longtime student, Yoga One Teacher Training alumni and webmaster, Erin Ferguson has been working with us on the new website for a long time and she is so patient and skilled.

We’ve collaborated in creating a super cool iPad/iPhone app tentatively title I-Yoga with a Scottish company called 3D4 Medical that Apple seems to like, so hopefully this will make a splash in the market. The app will show which muscles are engaged in each pose. Amy was a super star and did about 150 poses in a suit with electrodes attached and they motion captured her movements from 360 degrees. We’ll keep you posted on the app’s development and when you’ll be able to hit “download” and literally take yoga off the mat!

Our upcoming Yoga One Teacher Training starts this January and we can’t wait to lead such a fulfilling and transformational experience for the 7th year. It gets better every year and we truly feel we’re enhancing people’s lives. We hope one day to expand our training to an international location and student population.

We are really adept at bringing the joys and benefits of yoga to corporate environments. We continue to expand our off-site classes and hope to have Yoga One at every business and school in San Diego by 2022. If you work somewhere, let the Powers That Be know they should contact Yoga One about offering classes in the workplace. Our corporate students are happier, healthier and more productive and their employers reap the benefits, all from the convenience of a lunch-time or after-work class on location. Everyone wins.

We also look forward to expanding our online offerings. We may open up another location and offer unique specialties. We want to be leading seminars and workshops around the country and abroad. We want to offer music, art and community events weekly. The big question is: where do you want to see Yoga One in 10 years? After all, it’s you, the students and staff, that make the magic happen.

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