Fun Ways to Celebrate National Yoga Month

That’s right, September is National Yoga Month, a time to celebrate a common love for yoga and healthy living and to share that passion with others! Here are some fun ways you can spread the yoga love:

First off, the most obvious of all, bring a friend to yoga! How many of you went to your first yoga class because a friend brought you along? Pay it forward by extending your own invitation. For all you ladies out there trying to convince your guy to come to class with you, check out this article for tips!

Change it up by taking your practice outdoors. There’s nothing like feeling the earth beneath your feet and the wind in your hair while you practice, not to mention having a live tree for your inspiration during tree pose! You can connect to your breath and find your connection to nature at the same time, maybe even get a little sun. Check out our rooftop class at the Porto Vista Hotel in Little Italy on Sunday mornings at 9am.

Three words: Treat Yo Self! Do you always borrow a mat when you come to class? Treat yourself to the gift of your very own mat; we’ve got hugger mugger and manduka mats for sale at the studio. Feeling down about wearing the same old workout clothes to class all the time? Treat yourself to some new digs. A vigorous vinyasa practice have you feeling sore? Treat yourself to a massage! We’ve got four amazing massage therapists at your service and a deliciously relaxing massage room.

Take your practice to the next level. Whatever level you’re at in your practice, there’s always another level to discover. Have you been taking beginner classes for awhile but still feel unsure about a mixed level class? Talk to the instructor before class and let them know your hesitations. They’ll be able to offer you modifications to meet your body’s needs. Do you have a regular practice but need a push in order to try out a level 2 class? Go for it! Listen to your body so you know when it’s okay to try something hard and when you need to rest. Check out Mara’s 6pm class on Thursday nights or Amy’s 6:45pm class on September 14 for a challenge! Full class schedule here.

Do yoga from the inside out this month by practicing gratitude. Journal about your yoga practice and write down how you feel before and after class. Give yourself a pat on the back for stepping on your mat one more time. Thank a co-worker or family member or yoga instructor for their guidance and understanding. Studies show that grateful people feel “more alert, alive, interested and enthusiastic.” Gratitude creates feelings of happiness and joy simply by changing our internal rhetoric, a very yogic thought indeed!

Other cool stuff to check out: Yoga One’s very own Amy Caldwell  is leading Lululemon’s Vino & Vinyasa every Wednesday night at the Solamar Hotel, 6:30pm. Class is complimentary. Click here to see Amy’s interview for Vino & Vinyasa on KUSI news and click here to see her interview for San Diego Living!

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