Is Yoga Teacher Training Right for You?

Yoga has the power to heal our aches and pains, stimulate us or calm us down, fill us with joy, purpose and freedom – all of which keep us coming back for more as students. But sometimes yoga brings up more questions than answers.

If you find yourself wondering why you feel so good after yoga class; if you glimpse the deep peace of savasana but want a roadmap on how to find your way back; if you feel the difference yoga has made in your life and want to share peace, health and well-being with your family, friends and maybe the world at large – yoga teacher training is the right place for you!

Teacher Training is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the study of yoga so you can bring that power more fully into your life and into the lives of others. Even if you aren’t sure about teaching yoga, teacher training is an ideal place to explore your practice and delve deeper into all aspects of yoga – the physical, emotional, philosophical, historical, and spiritual underpinnings of the practice.

Our instructors are top-notch and have over 50 years of combined teaching experience. This upcoming course will be our 7th annual and each year gets better and better. We hope you will join us for the adventure! For more information, email us at or give us a call at 619-294-7461.

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