Instructor Spotlight: Katie Burke

We’re in the downward dog days of summer and it’s the perfect time to embrace the heat by sweating it out in Katie’s new Power Flow class on Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30pm! Check out her interview below. Then come to class and see for yourself that Katie is every bit as sweet as she is a powerful instructor. Click here for our full schedule, no reservations required.

1. What is your favorite style of yoga?

My favorite style changes with my mood and body that week. If I had to pick, my favorite to practice is a hot, Bikram-based series, but with music. I love the way I feel after a good hot series. My favorite style to teach though is vinyasa for its creativity and organic nature. It’s like a dance between all aspects of your body and mind.

2. What first attracted you to yoga when you began your practice?

I loved how I felt completely renewed after just an hour long experience. I loved the individuality of the instructors and the adventure of finding the ones I liked. The first time I “released” and cried in half pigeon, I had a turning point. Yoga was not just physical; it was full body, mind and spirit.

3. What is your favorite yoga pose right now?

Ashtavakrasana, or eight limb pose, I feel like a monkey hanging from my own tree. It makes me feel silly and I love that about inversions!

4. What pose is still the most challenging?

Savasana – it’s my favorite and my least favorite. I call myself the Savasana Expert as a joke because it’s completely different every time you arrive – sometimes you’re grateful and humbled, something the hardest thing to do is to truly rest.

5. If you were an animal, you would be: 

A kangaroo because I would get to jump around with my kids in my belly, kick people who get in my way and then give tiny hugs with my tiny arms to the other kangas in my pack.

6. Describe what yoga means in your life using just 6 words: balance, love, home, happiness, courage, connection.

7. What might your students be surprised to learn about you?

I speak Mandarin Chinese! Many people are surprised when I start speaking it, plus I have a funny American accent but I get my point across ;-). I lived in China in 2008 for a poverty alleviation project working in underfunded schools in the actual mandarin orange capital of China, Jiangxi. Then again in 2009 I lived in Beijing for six months teaching, wandering and attending Tsinghua University.

8. Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for new students?

Keep venturing outside the four corners of you mat. Try new teachers, new styles, keep growing within your practice. Continue to come back to that place of comfort in your heart and in your practice, but never stop being uncomfortable. Yoga is EVERYTHING. Not just asana, the postures, but how you bring life, patience and love into everything you are and do.

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