5 Ways to Make Yoga Your Habit

Sometimes the hardest part of yoga is getting on your mat. When you’ve already experienced the benefits of yoga in your life, you may long to have that sense of well-being and peace but struggle to actually get to class. You’re not alone! The process of taking a new activity and turning it into a habit can be a long and winding road. Here are five ways to prioritize your practice and make it into the studio to feel that after-yoga glow more often.

1. Tell Someone. Something as simple as telling a friend when you’re going to class can be the encouragement you need to follow through. Choose someone you talk to often, who would be likely to ask you later how the class went. This works even better if your friend will be going to the same class because you know they’ll be expecting you.

2. Schedule It. Look at your schedule for the week and write in class dates and times that fit around your existing appointments. When new appointments or errands come up, you’ll immediately see the open space in your calendar that doesn’t include your yoga class. If you make time in advance, you’ll be more likely to have the time available the day of class.

3. Pack Your Bag. Set a small bag aside for everything you’ll want with you for yoga. If you pack your bag the day before or a few hours before class time, then you can go about your day knowing that when it’s time to leave, you’re ready. Your bag might include: a mat, a small towel, a bottle of water or even a change of clothes if you’re headed back to the office.

4. Commit to a Membership. Just knowing that every month you’ve already financially invested in your health will help push you out the door so you can physically commit to your practice. Best of all, unlike other studios that only offer an unlimited membership, Yoga One has several membership options to better suit your needs – check them out here.

5. Reflect. After class, spend some time reflecting on your experience. How did you feel before yoga and how do you feel after? What difference did yoga make for your body, mind and spirit? Acknowledge the effort it took to get to class and give yourself a pat on the back. A few minutes of positive reflection and self-congratulations will boost the reward center of the brain so that next time you think about doing yoga, you’ll remember all the good feelings you had and feel a stronger urge to get to class again.

Remember to be patient with yourself, forming a new habit takes time, dedication and a community of support. Tell us about your road to yoga in the comments section below and hope to see you in the studio real soon!

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