Yoga in Everyday Life

Where do you notice yoga spilling over into your day to day life? Yoga has been proven to have tremendous benefits that impact everyday life such as improved physical fitness, reduced stress and greater clarity of mind. Part of the reason yoga is so successful at improving well-being is its reliance on mindfulness to change the pathways of the brain and permanently alter behavior. Beyond the physical and psychological impacts of yoga on the body, like remembering to breathe during stressful situations, yoga can turn up in everyday life – sometimes in seemingly unexpected places:

  • Tadasana, or mountain pose, is one of the basic building blocks of yoga. In this position the spine is naturally aligned and the weight of the body is equally distributed between all four corners of the feet. The more you practice tadasana, the more you might notice your posture improve. Notice for example, how you stand straighter when you wash the dishes or how while walking down the street, your feet land more purposefully without rolling to one side or the other.
  • Warrior II will re-train the shoulders to relax away from the ears and the shoulder blades to hug towards the midline. You might find the same movements naturally establish themselves when you carry a heavy load of groceries, instead of hunching the shoulders forward. Not only will the weight be better distributed along the support structures of the body, your increased mindfulness about your actions will help prevent injury.
  • Chair pose, obviously, is perfect practice for the office! Learning to keep both sides of the core engaged and the tailbone long will provide better support while sitting in a real chair. Over time, your practice on the mat can overcome the tendency to slouch at your desk and help you avoid unnecessary lower back pain.
  • Finally, and this may sound strange, yoga poses abound in the shower! Cow faced pose will help open the shoulders so that you can reach and wash your entire back. Figure four pose (with support from the wall) is an excellent way to scrub the bottoms of the feet. Once out of the shower and safely on a non-slip mat, the balance required for tree pose is useful for drying the legs and feet one at a time.

Where else do you notice the joys and benefits of yoga in your daily life? Share with us in the comments section below!

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