Explore and Celebrate Embodiment with Diana Beardsley

This weekend, the one and only Diana Beardsley will be down from Los Angeles for a special workshop: Backbends, Hips & Shoulders, Explore and Celebrate Embodiment. You may have heard her name around the studio before because she co-leads the Yoga One Teacher Training. Diana has trained with Ganga White, Anna Forrest, Shandor and John Friend and she’s taught thousands of students herself during a teaching career that spans three decades. We think Diana ROCKS and trust you will, too. Keep reading for a sneak peek into the thematic elements of her workshop this Sunday, May 27th from 3:30-5:30pm and be sure to register online to reserve your spot!

When asked to define “embodiment,” Diana Beardsley wrote, “embodiment is when spirit and matter are recognized as One.” She took the time to share with us her thoughts on embodiment, yoga and how the two practices will work together in her workshop to create one incredible experience.

“Being a body is such a gift! That’s something we often forget as we deal with the challenges of living. Our responses to difficulty, disappointment and pain can lead to the belief that we are alone, that life is hard and that our bodies are alien and a source of suffering. Through Yoga, we realize our wholeness and our connectedness. Our bodies become an expression of nature and a connection to spirit. Through them we experience our connection to all of life and the energy that flows through the body is essentially joyful. When we lose touch with our bodies and our breath, we lose touch with our connection to all of nature and to the present moment.

“During the workshop, we will reclaim and enhance our connection to who we truly are, with what is already present, which is an expression of all existence. Yoga is a “what” but also a “how.” The “what” are the poses that help us open to the bigger flow of energy. The “how” is the culmination of the attitudes we hold and the way we receive our experience moment to moment, which ultimately defines our experience. The workshop on Sunday afternoon will be a full spectrum class designed to open up the entire body to pranic flow, with an emphasis on the shoulders and hips in preparation for backbends. We will examine the breath, moment to moment awareness and the ways in which our habitual attitudes may diminish our daily experience. Through our yoga practice, we will release those negative attitudes and restore the natural joy of embodiment to fully experience being alive.”

Diana is a true inspiration, please join us for this special treat. $35 in advance, $45 at the door.

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