Who’s in the Nook?

This week we’re taking the Yoga One nook and sharing it with the internet! And what better way to showcase the fabulous yogis who work there than by taking yoga out of the classroom and into the nook?

Angela Aucoin

loves: sunshine, the ocean, yoga class and her fiancé

dislikes: rushing through life and red meat

catch-phrase: “Breathe, love, smile.”









Laura McCorry

loves: good books, yoga, tea, poetry, lazy afternoons at the park

dislikes: blueberries and stacks of dirty dishes

catch-phrase: “Smile, it’s just yoga.”








Missy DiDonato

loves: yoga, life, sushi, hiking and flower arranging

dislikes: olives, snobs and litterers

catch-phrase: “Love what you have, don’t wait till it’s gone.”









Michael Caldwell

loves: family, laughing, yoga, music, travel and surfing

dislikes: mean people and parking meters

catch-phrase: “Just be you.” and “Release the Kraken!”







Amy Caldwell

loves: family, yoga, being outside in nature, traveling and Indian food

dislikes: traffic and not getting enough sleep

catch-phrase: “Is it true? Is it nice? Is it necessary?”










As always, thanks for checking in!

Don’t forget to register now for our upcoming workshop with Diana Beardsley, it’s going to be fantastic!!!

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4 Responses to Who’s in the Nook?

  1. nadinefawell says:

    What gorgeous peeps! And that nook, sigh. Just lovely. I dislike not getting enough sleep too…

  2. Khamillion says:

    Hi Yoga One! What cute faces of happiness! I enjoy your posts and would love it if you might consider a shout out for our new inspirational jewelry line. We have a beautiful solid sterling silver chakra pendant that I bet your followers would L.O.V.E!

    Shout some love!!!!

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