Come Explore With Sherri Montgomery

As many of you already know, master teacher Sherri Montgomery has returned to Yoga One with not one, but two fantastic workshops. The first, An Exploration into Asana, was this past Saturday evening but there’s still time to register for this Saturday’s workshop, Devotional Movement from 4-7pm on April 14th. Go here and click on the “workshops” tab to register and pay in advance, note that pre-registration is required for this event.

Coming back to visit San Diego has been a big homecoming for Sherri who started teaching yoga in the 1980’s and taught at Yoga One from 2004 until 2009. With strong roots in the Iyengar style, Sherri credits Michael and Amy Caldwell for helping her find her own teaching style and expression. “I felt like my style really matured,” Sherri said about her time at Yoga One, “I could break out of the rigidity of classical yoga into ‘how does my body want to move?’” Sherri’s teaching style today is definitely about movement!

On Saturday evening, Sherri greeted each of us individually and started out the workshop by instructing the class to lie down in savasana, quieting the body so that we could be wholly present. When we started to move, she guided us through child’s pose, cat and cow, and downward facing dog, breathing within and in between each posture and cycling back to the beginning several times over. It was the first signal that this was different, that Sherri was different. How many instructors return to child’s pose after coming to downward facing dog? Throughout the class she would lead us through a series of poses only to bring us back to the beginning then return, exploring further, trying something new.

She led us through the class as though leading an expedition up the Amazon. When the waters of her playlist grew calm, she led us into gentle, restful postures and when the music became more energetic, we moved with the flow. There was even a spontaneous dance party when Big and Rich’s song “Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy” came on. Sherri started swaying her hips, waving her long, expressive arms overhead, “Can’t you feel the ecstasy rising?” she called out excitedly. From dancing and calisthenics to the peaceful surrender of legs up the wall pose, she was our fearless leader, champion, guide and inspiration.

This Saturday, Sherri will be leading a workshop that’s even more personal and intimate in nature. She’ll be teaching what she calls Devotional Movement, a meditative flow to connect mind, body and spirit. Pre-registration is required because she wants to connect with each participant before the workshop and have them reflect on an area of their life in which they’d like to experience change. The process of her moving meditation will uncover the deep experiences of the heart and allow the participants to move through any limitations they feel are holding them back from expressing true devotion, love, joy and ecstasy. Don’t miss out on this transformative and inspirational journey!

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