Mexico Dreaming

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already past the midway point for the first month of 2012! Even though the new year is still so fresh, I know I’m not the only one day dreaming about a vacation. (I see you in the back, nodding your head, don’t be ashamed to admit it.) Not the midwinter vacation to visit family or the summertime road trip type of vacation, either. A true vacation getaway. Indulge me for a moment, if you will:

Picture yourself lying on the beach. Not the beach twenty minutes from your house where the distractions of errands and schedules can creep into your mind. A beach far away, a white expanse of sand before you and the sound of the surf in your ears. Beneath the warmth of the sun, buffeted by waves and salt you’ve come back to the primordial blank canvas. The elements batter you down into a more basic form of yourself. You let go of the way you used to define yourself at work, at home, to your friends and for a short period of time, you simply are. At one and the same time, you reconnect to the earth, to the greater community of life that surrounds you and to the life within, the true definition of who you are.

This May, let Yoga One take you away to Mexico on retreat. When you travel and transcend the physical locations of the everyday, the emotional and psychological dimensions start to blur and disappear as well. Yoga One’s Mexico retreat will allow you the opportunity to redefine or rediscover who you really are, with daily yoga led by your favorite instructors, Amy and Michael Caldwell and Paisley Close. For five days and nights, you could be relaxing on the beach, taking yoga classes overlooking the ocean, indulging in freshly prepared, healthy meals and staying in eco-chic accommodations at Xinalani, outside of Puerto Vallarta.

You could miss out and stay in San Diego this spring, which we all know is just this side of paradise. Or you could dream big, demand more and receive so much more. A retreat is not just a vacation, but a journey. A magical place where you encounter personal transformation, but also group transformation. People who go away together return different than they were, they build close relationships over days that would usually take years. Think it over. How much would you like to go to Mexico on a journey of self-discovery through yoga, supported by a community of love? When you say yes, give us a call.

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