How to get to Yoga

Sometimes the hardest thing about yoga is getting yourself to class. I like to use a variety of tactics loosely based around a punishment/reward system. Telling someone else I’m going to yoga also usually helps because it introduces the elements of peer pressure and losing face if I don’t show up. In case you’re like me and you sometimes need extra motivation in order to actually get to the studio, I made this handy flow chart:

Ideally, the more I go round and round, the more I’ll remember to choose the easiest and fastest route to my yoga bliss, but as they say: easier blogged about than done 🙂


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4 Responses to How to get to Yoga

  1. Joanna Lea says:

    Laura your chart is hilarious…especially the “walk the dog = exercise”. I totally use that one a lot!!!! Today marked my 3rd class and it was a hard one…I had to do the tree pose against the wall cuz I fell humiliating is that? Hahaha! But, I ‘m still in love with yoga…not giving up. Tree pose…I’ll get ya next time!


  2. Jim Dey says:

    Similar problem with meditation! The classic text in Buddhism outlines 5 problems of meditation and 8 corrections or antidotes. The first problem is not feeling like meditating, and 4 of the 8 corrections are focused on this!

    The book by Master Kamalashila is called bhavanakrama, “Stages of Meditation,” or gom.rim in Tibetan. I just finished teaching a course on this ( Anyway. . .
    First is, “Faith.” You think about and admire the great things that come from meditation (or yoga);
    Second, “Desire.” You want those great things that yoga (or meditation) brings you (bottom of the chart above);
    Third, you make “Effort.” You do something to get those great things (get your butt to class and/or on the cushion);
    Finally, “shing-jang,” which is hard to translate. It means something like “the bliss that comes from practiced ease.” You get good at something, little by little and it feels awesome when you get god at it and enjoy the results!
    Hope this helps. May you all have shing-jang.

  3. leah says:

    Miss Laura, I love this post! Love it! Don’t “should” on yourself girl, lol. Thanks for sharing this super fun post about something that most of us go through, on a regular basis. I like to use this saying as a mantra when I start “should-ing” on myself, about yoga or any other important part of my life…acceptance is the answer to all my problems today… Sending bliss vibes your way. Take care!

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    Hilarious yoga chart.

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