Welcome Home

Some of the best words you can hear in life (other than “congratulations, you’ve just won the lottery!” of course) would have to be “welcome home.” Two simple words that express so much: first, that you were somewhere else before and secondly, that someone was waiting at home to welcome you back. I’ve moved around a lot in life and consequently the word “home” has taken a beating. It becomes next to impossible to hang on to the old definition of home as a specific location. Instead, home is elevated to an idea, a feeling, an experience created by the presence of those you love.

Just over a year ago, I moved to San Diego from the east coast and I immediately liked the city. But for awhile, it didn’t feel real to me, much less like someplace I could call home. Every day felt like I was on vacation (am I right, fellow transplants?) and by the time Fall rolled around I was itching for leaf piles and scarves and that smell in the air that means it’s going to snow.

A funny thing happens though, when you settle in somewhere and establish a routine. You meet new people, find a social circle, maybe even a few good friends. Looking back on all the moves I’ve had, there’s a common theme: the moment I start to feel at home in a new place happens concurrently with the moment I find a new yoga community. It’s no accident, either. The yoga studio is a place where people bring all of themselves and where they find the practice they started to feel better in their bodies leaves them feeling better in their hearts and minds as well.

When I finally started to feel at home in San Diego, I read these words in an email, “we look forward to having you in the Yoga One family!” Family. A word so closely associated with home. There’s something really special happening at Yoga One and you can feel it from the moment you step through the door. With your family, you have a shared history of experiences so that every time you meet up, you don’t need to explain everything that’s going on. There’s continuity there, a never-ending conversation, if you will.

Here’s a place where we can keep that conversation going; to take what happens in class and spend some more time on the details or reflect on the bigger picture. I’m excited to offer the Yoga One community a new place to call home on the internet. I invite your regular participation on this blog and I look forward to creating new memories together.


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5 Responses to Welcome Home

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  2. Penny says:

    Aww, looking back at your first post is SO cool! Congratulations on one year of great Yoga One blogs Laura!

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